Introducing ePUBuilder

ePUBuilder is the perfect, ready-to-use platform that eliminates all your challenges in eBooks conversion, from extensive manual intervention to investing in technology-driven environment with a cloud platform that saves you time and money, all of which is easily available to you on a SaaS-based business model.


Fixed Layout

ePUBuilder’s fixed layout is perfect for simple to complex layout publications such as illustrated books, children’s story books, STEM, travel guides, magazines, or coffee table books, where the print PDF’s appearance is easily replicated, with exponential multi-device compatibility.

Popular Features

  • Text-Enhancing Functionalities
  • Interactive Elements
  • Extensive Support Features
Read Aloud

Read Aloud

ePUBuilder’s ML-Driven Read Aloud features enable a hands-free reading experience and is effective for building reading skills in children, with accurate syncing of audio and text, as well as three types of reading modules delivering a varied pace of reading.

Popular Features

  • Effortless Audio-Text Synchronization
  • Seamless ML-Integrated Features
  • Content Highlight–Based Triggers
Reflowable Layout

Reflowable Layout

ePUBuilder delivers a smooth, agile, and streamlined approach to create a wide range of reflowable layouts for simple to complex publications, enhancing, simplifying the overall reading experience, and delivering extensive flexibility in terms of features.

Popular Features

  • Compatibility across 17+ Devices
  • Global eBook Store Validation
  • Extensive and Style features

Amazon MOBI

ePUBuilder delivers a single-click transformation of ePUB into Amazon MOBI, which is one of the most sought-after formats for Amazon Kindle, incorporating every MOBI-specific feature as per the current Amazon Kindle requirements.

Popular Features

  • Single-Click transformations to MOBI
  • Automated MOBI style update
  • Optimization for all MOBI Formats

What you will gain from ePUBuilder

Cost and time savings with enhanced productivity, with multiple source formats delivering a variety of outputs

Complete visibility across the entire ePub conversion process, through real-time cloud-based tracking

Accuracy and high quality, with integrated muIti-level OCR conversion engines, IDPF and global eBook store validation

Intelligent automation, delivering enhancement features, from animation to multilingual conversion

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What our partners say

"Over the last 3 years, ePUBuilder has been smoothly managing my eBook conversion and distribution responsibilities, with its intelligent automation, quick turnaround, high-quality output and distribution across 180+ channels"
Curtis Key
The Casemate Group from USA

"ePUBuilder, our trust eBook conversion partner for about 6 years, has exponentially enhanced our capability to deliver fast-track backend conversion of our Hebrew books with surgical precision."
Ori Idan
Helicon Books from Israel

"ePUBuilder has been our consistent technology backbone for extensive backend digital conversion of all our university-related publications, delivering us the crucial edge in this competitive market."
Catalina Holguin
Manuvo from Colombia