Transform eBook Reading into a Comfortable Experience with Reflowable Layout eBooks

Currently one of the most preferred options for eBooks, the reflowable layout has become the first choice for publications for simple to complex layouts. The primary focus here is to enhance and simplify the overall reading experience.

ePUBuilder for Reflowable Layout eBooks

ePUBuilder helps you provide the readers with an enjoyable and strain-free reading experience by delivering extensive flexibility, from compatibility across multiple devices and platforms to complete control over reading settings in terms of font type and size.

What ePUBuilder Can Achieve for You

ePUBuilder empowers you to provide an easy, highly customizable, and high-quality reading options in terms of not just the layout but also in allowing the readers to completely control the display of the eBooks based on their preferences and device sizes.

  • Easy adaptability across all screen sizes and orientations with extensive customization options
  • Flexibility in altering display settings without destroying text formatting
  • Easy compatibility across a wide range of devices, from Apple iBooks to Kobo
  • Quick turnaround with exceptionally high quality across different levels of complexity
  • Automated incorporation of cross-links and easy splitting of parts of the publication
  • Ability to incorporate a wide range of design layouts and templates