Read Aloud Feature Guide

  1. Please upload the MP3 files which need to be converted
  2. Select the Audio language from Language drop-down menu
  3. Use can choose the output type either (SMIL file/ Data.js)
  4. Please Click the “Start Conversion” to been the conversion process
  1. Use can see use the “Record Selector” and see the number of entries to be displayed in the table
  2. Also you can search the files use “Search Box” for searching files by name/status/ISBN/
  3. The “Serial Number” will be a unique number to show the number of files processed using the system
  4. We capture the input MP3 file name and display in the “Input File Name” for internal reference
  5. If you upload multiple files in the system, it will show in the “File Count” for the Number of MP3 files you have uploaded
  6. The “Audio Duration” will show you the exact time track from the uploaded audio file
  7. The “Time Taken” will show you the exact time taken for the audio conversion process
  8. Once the files are uploaded to the system following the steps as below:
    1. “Queued” uploaded to files will be transfer to our cloud-system
    2. “WIP” uploaded files is in processing stage
    3. “Done” uploaded files is finished processing and it is ready for use
    4. “Error” uploaded files is not comparable for ePUBuilder requirement, system will create the error log and user can download the error log and review and upload the necessary input material to the system
  9. The user can download the processed files from this “Download” row for respective files
  10. The user can use “Paging control” to move from one page to another page