Deliver an Immersive eBook Reading Experience with Read Aloud Features

An absolute essential for many publications, ML-driven Read Aloud features enhance usability for a hands-free reading experience, supporting children to build effortless reading skills, with accurate syncing of audio and text using organic-sounding voiceovers and customized options to vary the pace of reading based on comfort.

ePUBuilder for Read Aloud eBooks

ePUBuilder supports you in experimenting with ML–driven Read Aloud feature support such as reading multiple audio formats across 119 languages and enabling smart triggers such as highlight text all at the touch of a button.

What ePUBuilder Can Achieve for You

Machine learning–driven ePUBuilder enables you to deliver a flexible read-aloud feature as a standard element of every digital product you deliver to your customers, with features such as highlight-mapped Read Aloud options.

  • Seamless synchronization of audio and text within a short time frame
  • Complete support through machine learning–based text-to-speech conversion across file types
  • Dictionary-enabled real-time support across 119 languages, including Latin and Non-Latin languages
  • Organic sounding voiceovers for a good reading experience
  • Incorporate smart features such as highlight-based reading triggers
  • Integrate Read Aloud features through "SMIL" files in eBooks