Deliver a Rich and Interactive Reading Experience through Fixed Layout eBooks

The fixed Layout is perfect for products with complex Layout and heavy display elements, such as illustrated books, children’s stories, STEM, travel guides, magazines, or coffee table books, and they replicate the print PDF’s appearance, incorporating extensive support features and delivering compatibility across multiple platforms and devices.

ePUBuilder for Fixed Layout eBooks

ePUBuilder delivers perfectly on every benefit that you can derive from the fixed Layout feature, from mimicking the input file’s Layout and providing cross-platform capability to enabling complete customization in terms of design and special features.

What ePUBuilder Can Achieve for You

ePUBuilder transfers every element of complexity from the print format accurately into fixed Layout eBooks format. Deliver any extent of content enhancements from interactive features to animations through ePUBuilder’s high-end automation for fixed Layout eBooks.

  • Match the exact look and feel of your print PDF without any additional manual effort
  • In-built font conversion engine that converts embedded font sub-sets into traditional OTF or Web fonts (WOFF)
  • Provide your customer end-to-end customization as per your customer’s needs
  • Deliver fixed Layout eBooks with multiple-device compatibility
  • Extend your eBook’s reach across 180+ distribution channels at no additional cost with just a button’s click
  • Incorporate smart features such as thumbnail navigation, videos, bookmarking, and widgets