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Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Distribution

Every digital asset, from text and audio to images and video, requires limitless, easily accessible, and secure storage options. With the popularity of cloud-based storage options soaring high, establishing an airtight workflow to manage and distribute digital assets is at the core of delivering a trustworthy system. This forms the foundation of digital asset management (DAM) and digital asset distribution (DAD).

Popular Features

  • Complete management of the entire asset lifecycle – from creation to archiving
  • Create: Cloud-based and easily accessible repositories to create storage options through secure permission-based entry
  • Manage: Stringent authentication, rights management, version control, real-time visibility of asset status and overall storage capability
  • Distribute: Easy, single-click distribution to content to validated users through secure means
  • Retrieve: Effortless retrieval of stored data through an elaborate cataloguing and file retrieval system strengthened by detailed search options
  • Archive: Time-driven triggers that alert the need for data archival and rule-based archival systems that can be customized by user

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