Amazon MOBI

The perfect partner for Kindle readers, MOBI has high demand in the market. Features such as easy navigation and simple conversion of any ePUB format into MOBI make MOBI the first choice for digital conversion.

ePUBuilder for Amazon Reflowable and KF8 Layout eBooks

With Amazon topping the charts in eBook and Kindle sales, your eBook conversion approach will be ineffective without MOBI as your critical deliverable. ePUBuilder understands the relevance of MOBI and is hence compatible with the Amazon conversion engine. Since ePUBuilder is a platinum partner of Amazon, all updated made to Amazon-specific guidelines are instantly and automatically updated in ePUBuilder.

What ePUBuilder Can Achieve for You

Find out how ePUBuilder can empower your MOBI conversion initiative through a quick turnaround, customizable, affordable, and accurate conversion into MOBI formats.

  • Single-click conversion from any ePUB formats to MOBI reflowable and KF8
  • Automated adoption of Amazon MOBI-specific guidelines while creating files
  • Effortless image optimization for MOBI Reflowable and KF8
  • Comfortability across all Amazon Kindle devices
  • Supports Kindle devices and desktop version
  • Real-time updates of all the current features that are introduced by Amazon for MOBI